Borg Warner 7670-  179351 - Genuine EFR Turbo

Borg Warner 7670- 179351 - Genuine EFR Turbo

179351 - Genuine Borg Warner EFR Turbo


Turbo Features

• Gamma-Ti turbine wheel
• Dual ceramic ball bearing assembly with metal cage
• Forged milled extended tip compressor wheel
• Stainless steel turbine housing
• Water cooled bearing housing
• Large internal wastegate
• Compressor recirculation valve (a.k.a BOV)
• Boost control solenoid valve
• Standard T3 mounting flange


Not included with turbo assemblies:

• Speed sensor
• Turbine outlet V-Band
• Turbine inlet gasket
• Oil drain gasket or drain port fitting

Super Core Configuration



The following parts are not included as part of the super-core assembly:
turbine housing, assembly clamp plate hardware, wastegate parts.



Turbine Housing Options



Turbine Housing Part Number A/R Inlet Flange Shape Housing Config.
12701008014 0.83 T3 Single Scroll WG
12701008016 0.92 T4 Twin Scroll WG
12701019047 1.05 T4

Twin Scroll Non-WG 



Part Number
Frame Size
Super Core
Part Number
Comp. Wheel
Outer Dia. (mm)
Comp. Wheel
Inducer Dia.
Turbine Wheel
Outer Dia.
Turbo A/R Inlet Flange
179351     B2          179350    76                 57              70              0.83       T3