Heavy Duty up rated organic fast road clutch and flywheel kit from Helix. Suitable for use with up to 420 lb/ft of torque.

240mm Diameter This kit includes parts: Cover 60-5094 / Organic Plate 70-5095 / Release Bearing 41-2360 / Flywheel HF9206A.

Helix Twin Mass Flywheel/Clutch Conversions  

It is possible to increase by engine tuning the torque output on these vehicles beyond the capabilities of the original clutch and flywheel unit. As original equipment the twin mass flywheel has a spring system to take up the drive progressively for a set rating. The friction plates on these engines have no damping springs. The original clutch pressure plate is also incapable of being modified to give a greater performance. For higher torque engines the twin mass flywheel and clutch components will be problematical. 

For tuned engines Helix have produced a rigid Steel flywheel an Heavy Duty uprated clutch pressure plate and a friction plate with damping springs. These are capable of handling extra torque.

There is however a drawback. Without the twin mass flywheel engine harmonics especially on the diesel engine versions can give rise to noises from the transmission. Usually these are most noticeable at idle. These noises are not produced by the clutch but by the idling gears in the transmission.

As the Helix products were produced for outright performance this noise has to be acceptable.