Vauxhall Astra Mk 5 coilovers VMAXX

Vauxhall Astra Mk 5 coilovers VMAXX

Suitable for Sport Hatch 1.6 16V / 1.6T / 1.8 16V / 2.0T / 2.2 16V / 1.3CDTi / 1.7CDTi


Height-adjustable Coilovers

Part No.  60 OP 06


About this kit


Height adjustment front

30 - 70 mm


Height adjustment rear

30 - 70 mm


TÜV Approval Yes


Droplinks may be required on this vehicle!

Your warranty may not be valid if drop links are not fitted.

When lowering a vehicle, the drive shafts can get too close to the anti roll bar. Fitting V-Maxx shortened drop links will increase the clearance and avoid issues which could damage the car and the suspension. If lowering over 40mm, then these are required.